A D A M  C R O S S M A N



Online Skype Lessons

Intended for beginner, intermediate and advanced acoustic guitar players


  • $50 for a one hour lesson ($ in US or CAN)


  • Skype application (available for free on skype.com);
  • High-speed internet connection;
  • Web-cam & Microphone and headphones;
  • A Paypal account;
  • Guitar

The lessons:

I'll be teaching parts of my songs, exercises, technique, extended techniques, open tunings, interpretation, textures and how to incorporate all that in an original composition and answer any questions regarding my guitar playing or gear, etc.


Lessons come with a FREE Tab

How to register?

Send me an email, with your skype info at contact@adamcrossman.com
Then, via email, we can schedule a time for the lesson.
Payment must be received via Paypal before the lesson takes place.

Time zone:

For lesson appointments, please provide your time zone information and I'll find out a time to make it work for both of us.
My time zone is Eastern time (Bethany, Ontario, Canada)


  • I must be informed of any cancellation at least 24h in advance or you'll lose the lesson.
  • If I have to cancel, I'll contact you for another appointment.
  • If for some reason I can't give you a prepaid lesson, I'll refund you.
  • Sometimes, the Internet could be unstable, don't worry; you won't lose your lesson.


In Person Home Studio Lessons

Intended for beginner, intermediate and advanced acoustic or electric guitar players


Starting session includes writing lesson workbook

Per Lesson:

$25 for a one hour lesson (CAN)


Monthly Plan
$80 for 4 one hour lessons (CAN)